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Our group lessons have a maximum of 6 children per class. This means more swimming time per child with more teacher focus on each swimmer, every lesson. We also ensure that there is always a teacher in the water with them. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and are filled with not only productive learning skills but also skill learning fun and games. 


Private lessons are for all ages and abilities. In Private lessons,  your child will improve faster due to individual attention. Private lessons are run for any stage; from stage 1 swimmers, to national club level swimmers. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes and is filled with not only productive learning skills but also skill learning fun and games. 



We offer professional lessons for children looking to move into competitive swimming. Our 60 minute lessons allow those that have passed stage 7 of the learn to swim programme to continue swimming to complete stage 8,9 & 10 whilst also developing skills needed for a club environment.



At Strokes Ahead our lessons are designed for children aged 3 and above. Each of our swimming lessons is arranged accordingly to your child's swimming experience and water confidence. Each class is 30 minutes in length and is filled with fun, interactive games and productive learning. Our number of swimmers in each lesson ranges between 5 – 6, this ensures that each child receives the individual teaching required to aid full development whilst having fun with fellow swimmers.

Small Class Sizes

We have a maximum of 6 children per class to allow for more personal teaching and maximum progression

Teach from the water

All Learn to swim stages have a teacher in the water, regardless of lesson type.

Swim England Accredited Swim School

We are a registered and approved swim school with the NGB, Swim England.


Shotton Primary School, High Tunstall College of Science, Longfield Academy Darlington, Farringdon Academy, Sunderland


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