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Group swimming lessons available to children aged 3 and above

Group Swimming Lessons

At Strokes Ahead, our group swimming lessons are designed for children aged 3 years and above and are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers. We cover Stages 1 - 7 of the Swim England Learn-to-Swim Pathway, where a badge is awarded at the end of each completed stage. 

Our small groups have a maximum of 6 swimmers per class,
and they are assisted with a teacher in the water to aid development and progression.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage1 copy.png

Stage 1

In Stage 1, swimmers will be developing water confidence, moving around the pool using floatation aids with a correct body position.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage2 copy.png

Stage 2

In Stage 2, swimmers will be developing movement through the water with correct leg action on both their front and back, without floats. In addition, swimmers will developing confidence at jumping in.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage4 copy.png

Stage 4

In Stage 4, swimmers will learn the outlining leg actions of the four main strokes. In addition to this swimmers will learn advanced rotation and sculling skills.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage5 copy.png

Stage 5

In Stage 5, swimmers will learn aquatic breathing in complete swimming strokes (i.e. rhythm), sequencing, treading water and diving.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage3 copy.png

Stage 3

In Stage 3, swimmers will be working towards confidently jumping into deep water and swimming 10m on their front and back with overarm action. Swimmers will also be developing submerge and floatation skills.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage6 copy.png

Stage 6

In Stage 6, swimmers will learn how to sequence aquatic skills into complete strokes over extending distances. In addition, swimmers will learn about 'shout and signal' rescues.

stokes ahead_certificate_stage7 copy.png

Stage 7

In Stage 7, swimmers will learn to sequence aquatic skills, stroke skills into complete strokes over a minimum of 25m, building towards at least 100m on a minimum of three strokes.

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