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Ratio of one teacher and one child in the pool. Teacher will teach from in the water to aid progression.


30 minute 2-2-1 lesson with a teacher in the pool. Ratio of two children to one teacher. Price is per person.


Ratio of 6 children to one teacher in stage 3 and above. Ratio of 4 pupils to one teacher in stage 1 & 2. Te teacher will teach from in the water to aid progression. Most classes will also have a in pool helper alongside the teacher.


60 minutes in length and offer the opportunity for those swimmers who have achieved a stage 7 badge or above to be able to continue swimming on a regular basis, in order to complete stages 8, 9 & 10.


Cancellation Policy

NEW CUSTOMERS: When placing a booking with Strokes Ahead, all new customers are required to make payment prior to the lesson, to secure their place. Any lessons remaining unpaid 1 week before the start date will be assumed cancelled and the space will be offered to other customers. For new customers only: if after booking and paying you wish to cancel lessons you have up to 48 hours before the first lesson start date to cancel and receive a full refund. After this point there will be no refund given. CURRENT CUSTOMERS: Prior to the start of each new term current customers will receive an email to confirm locations and times of lessons. Payment is due on receipt of this email. Once the term begins any outstanding payments will be assumed as cancellation of the lessons and the places will be offered to other customers. Late payments will be subject to a £5 rebooking fee. 

Absence Policy

All lesson places are allocated for the full term and absences are not refundable. Where reasonable notice is given for an absence we will try to offer a catch up lesson. This is not guaranteed and is subject to appropriate places being available. There is no option for catch up lessons for absences notified after the event. Serious injury or illness – if a swimmer becomes seriously ill or has a serious injury and will not be able to attend lessons for a period of time (6 weeks plus) the remaining lessons will be credited until the swimmer can return. Where absence due to illness will be for over 12 weeks of a term then a full refund for the remaining lessons will be issued subject to suitable confirmation of the illness.